State of Survival: Value Vouchers / Ray’s Place – Events overview

Quick summary of the two regular events split into Tiers (depending on your state evolution).

Value Vouchers Event

Value Vouchers event happens regularly, approximately every week, and lasts for 3 days. Vouchers can be exchanged into different Legendary Hero Fragments for the whole duration of the event. On the first 2 days you can exchange biocaps for vouchers. The rate depends on the Hero type and varies from 6 up to 10 Vouchers per 1 Hero Fragment.

How to exchange

To exchange biocaps into vouchers, simply tap on the TASKS tab, as shown on the image above. The exchange rate is 150 biocaps / 1 voucher and you can only get a maximum of 100 vouchers per 1 event occurrence (a total of 15000 biocaps).

Once you’ve bought the necessary amount of vouchers, tap back on VOUCHER STORE and exchange them into the hero fragments of your interest. Please note unused vouchers won’t disappear, so don’t worry if you haven’t used them all – just wait for the next event to come.

I consider this rate to be a little bit worse than obtaining Legendary Hero Fragments via Ray’s Place event, where you can get the 15-spins chest for 16500 biocaps (13500 for 10x spins, 3000 for 2x spins and 3x free spins). But you can get different Legendary Hero Fragments (up to 7 different Heroes) from Value Vouchers, while Ray’s Place is limited by 1 Hero only.

Some basic tips

  • You can exchange Value Vouchers into Epic Hero Fragments (3 per piece), but that’s not a good idea at all. You can max out all Epic Heroes by playing the game for 5-6 months or less.
  • Don’t get current Tier heroes, since their exchange rate is the highest. Wait for the next state evolution then pick them up with a discount. Images below from 2 different states clearly illustrates this fact.
The image on the left – Tier 3 state evolution, image on the right – Tier 4.
You can see Miho, Wolfe and Nikola got 2 vouchers discount!

Ray’s Place Event

In comparison to the previous one, Ray’s Place features only one hero at the time but provides you with a better fragments drop rate. Hittin 15-spins chest will guarantee 6 pieces of the featured Legendary Hero Fragments. On top of that, you can get more fragments when you hit the right tile during the spins itself. My personal best was 13 (!) frags from a single 10x-spin (2x 5 frags + 3x 1 frag). Let me know yours in the comments 😉

Important note!
To do a 10x spin you need to have the required amount of biocaps in your backpack (13500). If you don’t have that amount, the game will prompt you buying cheeps for real $.

I strongly recommend saving all your biocaps for this event and trying to get a 35-spins chest!

Events Hero Schedule

EventTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Ray’s Place
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2 months ago

My state just opened the value voucher event. The vouchers for Jeb frags are called drone vouchers. My friends from older states said Lute vouchers are the ones for Miho frags. Does that mean i won’t be able to get the other heroes, say Miho’s with the drone vouchers i’ve saved? Or is there an option to exchange the vouchers i currently have in the next voucher event?

23 days ago

Hi Serhiy, may I ask you to provide an update on the exchange possibilities for drone vouchers? I believe we are having our last drone voucher event currently and I was wondering whether I am able to save my vouchers for A discounted Jeb (possibly even until Ernie is introduced). I am in state 357. Thanks

Huan Tiep Ta
Huan Tiep Ta
8 days ago

Well, there was no possibility for me to exchnage my “drone vouchers” to “lute vouchers” when my state evolved from Jeb to Zoe…

10 days ago

Dear Serhiy, thank you so much for your reply!

Huan Tiep Ta
Huan Tiep Ta
7 days ago

Can you update the “Events Hero Schedule” with T5?