Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe Guide

Hi, Trailblazers! Simulated Universe is a special game mode unlocked during the tutorial at Herta Space Station. In this guide you will find all necessary information to progress the challenges it has to offer!

This guide is a compilation from multiple sources I’ve collected across the internet, below is the list who has contributed to it.

  • Team compositions were created by SIPSIPSQUAD, please make sure to check their Discord.
  • In-depth spreadsheet analysis performed by u/a9Tails and crew.

General Guide

Standard Team Building

A general rule of thumb for building a team is:
Tank + Healer + Support/Debuffer + DPS
These four classes make the backbone of any standard team.

Example team composition:
Fire Trailblazer (Tank) + Natasha (Healer) + Asta (Support) + Dan Heng (DPS)

Team Placement

Good Team Order – in this order, only Trailblazer and Natasha will get hit
Bad Team Order – in this order, Trailblazer, Asta, and Dan Heng get hit

Team placement in Honkai Star Rail depends on the Path your characters are as certain paths draw more base aggro, which in turn determines how often they get hit.

  • Generally, you would want to place your tank (Preservation) units on one end of your team as they have the highest chance to get hit.
  • Besides them, you would place your healer (Abundance) to soak up any AOE targeted at your tank and allow them to recharge more energy alongside your tank.
  • In the last two spaces, you would put your Support (Nihility / Harmony) and then your DPS (Erudition / Hunt / Destruction) respectively as these three classes should avoid getting hit the most. With the exception of Clara, who you would want near your tank at the edge of your team.

This formation of Tank – Healer – Breaker / Support – DPS lessens the chances of your DPS getting killed by a stray AOE attack from any mobs or bosses (as seen in the example above).

Team compositions

World 1 & 2

World 3 & 4

World 5 & 6

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