Honkai: Star Rail The Xianzhou Luofu Hidden Achievements Guide

Hi, Trailblazers! Due to the fact that the full content of the Xianzhou Luofu has not been released yet, there aren’t many side quests at the moment. The achievements have basically all been mentioned in the Strale Collection, only the first one is new here.

There are a total of 12 hidden achievements. Some achievements have branch options, and different achievements can be obtained depending on the options chosen. Regardless of what you choose, the rewards are the same, only the names of the achievements are different.


This guide was originally created by Melloona, please make sure to check their YouTube Channel.

1. Lost and Found (Branch Options)

1) Central Starskiff Haven: Click to investigate this weapon, and then a person will come out to talk to you.

2) Exalting Sanctum: Go to the Realm-Keeping Commission at the Exalting Sanctum. You’ll meet that person again, and after the conversation, find Jingyan nearby. You will obtain different achievements based on the reported loss of credits. Choose “No losses” to get the achievement “Lost and Found”. Choose “5000 Credits” to get the achievement “Have your Cake and Eat it”.

2. Flight Canceled (Branch Options)

Central Starskiff Haven: Click to investigate the shining spot. Choose “Give me a coin” to get the achievement “Flight Canceled”.

3. From Hero to Zero (Branch Options)

Central Starskiff Haven: Talk to the owner to participate in the competition. Get the achievement “From Hero to Zero” by not engaging in diplomacy with the other two contestants and losing in the competition.

4. Let the Wind Blow Where It May (Branch Options)

Exalting Sanctum: Attack this jar to trigger a conversation and give the jar five bags of trash. Come back the next day and talk to it again. Choose “I’m not sticking my hand” to get the achievement “Let the Wind Blow Where It May”.

5. The Seven Errors of Cycranes (8 Achievements)

This requires you to complete the Trailblaze Mission at TL34, please check the strale collection guide.

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