State of Survival: Eva

Eva “Widow” Lopez was in-and-out of correctional facilities before ending up on death row for a brutal gang-related revenge killing. She became a minor celebrity over the incident, earning her Widow nickname from the media coverage.


Eva is your budget offensive Hero to raid other players’ settlements. Thanks to her 3rd skill, the damage of the 1st one is increased significantly, allowing Eva to out damage Sarge both in the Influencer Trap and in PvP. Must have for all F2P players.

Eva “Widow” Lopez was in-and-out of correctional facilities before ending up on death row for a brutal gang-related revenge killing. She became a minor celebrity over the incident, earning her Widow nickname from the media coverage.

She still prefers to be called Eva though, and the general advice is that you should call her this too. Eva has left her prison uniform on to remind other survivors who they’re messing with. If you cross or offend her she won’t respond straight away, but she will get you back.

And her bite is fatal.


March Capacity10700
Hunter Attack130.30%
Hunter Defense130.30%
Enemy Settlement Troop Health-19.50%
Hunter Health134.20%
Hunter Lethality149.10%


Spider Spikes

Sets up a Spike Trap containing multiple Spikes that emerge when triggered. Each Spike attack will deal {0} damage to targets within the effective area. 5 seconds cooldown.Battlefield traps increase Troop Damage by 25%.

Web Grenade

Has a {0} probability of throwing a Web Grenade which sticks to the target before detonating, dealing {1} damage.Eva’s troops have a 25% chance of throwing Web Grenades, dealing 200% Damage.

Widow Bite

Enhances the Spike Trap. Targets affected by the Spikes will receive {1} damage per second for {0}s.Eva enhances her traps, increasing Trap Effect by 120%.


LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
200086212824010,40%10,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-1,60%
20114 015161130812,75%12,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-1,90%
20228 254231646415,10%15,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-2,30%
203313 581322264617,45%17,45%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-2,60%
204419 994432885519,80%19,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-3,00%
250027 49455361 09122,15%22,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-3,30%
251140 97170461 35424,75%24,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-3,70%
252256 60586551 64327,35%27,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-4,10%
253374 396102651 95829,95%29,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-4,50%
254494 342122762 30032,60%32,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-4,90%
3000116 446141882 66935,20%35,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-5,30%
3011138 5271651033 06538,05%38,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-5,70%
3022162 5071871173 48740,90%40,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-6,10%
3033188 3842131313 93543,80%43,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-6,60%
3044216 1582411464 41146,65%46,65%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-7,00%
4000245 8302711634 91249,50%49,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-7,40%
4011276 1673021835 44152,65%52,65%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-7,90%
4022308 2633392015 99655,75%55,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-8,40%
4033342 1183732196 57858,90%58,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-8,80%
4044377 7344132397 18662,00%62,00%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-9,30%
5000415 1094552597 82165,15%65,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-9,80%
5011449 1584992848 48369,05%69,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-10,40%
5022484 2435453069 17172,95%72,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-10,90%
5033520 3635973309 88676,90%76,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-11,50%
5044557 51864735310 62780,80%80,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-12,10%
6000595 70870337811 39584,70%84,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-12,70%
6011630 91876240812 19088,85%88,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-13,30%
6022666 68082343513 01193,05%93,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-14,00%
6033702 99489046213 85997,20%97,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-14,60%
6044739 86096049014 734101,35%101,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-15,20%
7000777 2781 03351915 635105,55%105,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-15,80%
7011815 5711 10855416 563110,50%110,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-16,60%
7022854 0291 18658517 517115,45%115,45%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-17,30%
7033892 6501 27261718 498120,40%120,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-18,10%
7044931 4351 36064919 505125,35%125,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-18,80%
8000970 3851 45168220 540130,30%130,30%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-19,50%

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