State of Survival: Jeb

Jeb Nelson spent his entire life within 20 miles of the house he was born in. That is, until the day a caravan of high-strung city folk turned up in their fancy cars bringing with them the infection that wiped out the entire town.


Jeb is your Kill Event specialist, due to his ability to decrease Enemy Troops’ Lethality – that means less of your troops will die when you attack someone’s settlement. Jeb is also good for Influencer Trap as Sarge’s replacement once you have T2 Heroes introduced in your State.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to build him for free – since Jeb’s Hero Fragments are exclusive to Value Vouchers event or the in-game shop.

Jeb Nelson spent his entire life within 20 miles of the house he was born in. That is, until the day a caravan of high-strung city folk turned up in their fancy cars bringing with them the infection that wiped out the entire town.

He managed to escape in his trusty old pickup just in time and later gave a ride to a hitchhiking Lucky. Jeb never did get around to learning to read too well, but he’s a natural when it comes to machines and was always tinkering with inventions in his old barn.

His drone, or “the bird” as he calls it, is modified from a delivery drone found in an abandoned warehouse. He may struggle with sarcasm and need most jokes explaining to him, but it all ain’t nothing a swig of moonshine won’t fix.


March Capacity13400
Hunter Attack233.45%
Hunter Defense233.45%
Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-31.80%
Rally Troop Attack21.15%
Hunter Health134.20%
Hunter Lethality149.10%


AP Shot


A powerful armor-piercing shot that deals {0} damage to the target.

Troops led by Jeb will have a 30% chance of firing armor-piercing bullets, dealing critical damage to the enemy.

Death Drone


Summons a Drone with {1} Attack, {2} HP and {0} CD. The Drone scans the battlefield and targets the most dangerous Infected first.Drone increases Troops Damage by 25%.

Drone Sensors


{0} chance of Jeb’s Drone dodging a ranged attack. When a target is locked, 3 smaller drones arrive and deal {1} damage to the target.Modified Drone scouts ahead, reducing troop damage received by 20%.


LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
200021 247211342225,70%25,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-3,50%
201129 206271754129,40%29,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-4,00%
202238 401412581533,15%33,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-4,50%
203348 83158351 13636,90%36,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-5,00%
204460 49977461 50340,60%40,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-5,50%
250073 40398591 91844,35%44,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-6,00%
2511100 446123732 37948,55%48,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-6,60%
2522130 967150892 88752,75%52,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-7,20%
2533164 9631801063 44156,95%56,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-7,70%
2544202 4382121254 04361,15%61,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-8,30%
3000243 3902481454 69165,35%65,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-8,90%
3011278 1602871665 38670,05%70,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-9,50%
3022315 2483301896 12774,70%74,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-10,20%
3033354 6543752136 91679,35%79,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-10,80%
3044396 3784242397 75184,05%84,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-11,40%
4000440 4214772668 63388,70%88,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-12,10%
4011494 7705332959 56294,30%94,30%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-12,80%
4022552 27259432510 53899,90%99,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-13,60%
4033612 92765835611 560105,50%105,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-14,40%
4044676 73472738912 629111,10%111,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-15,10%
5000743 69380042413 745116,70%116,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-15,90%
5011804 69687745914 908123,75%123,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-16,80%
5022867 55295949716 117130,75%130,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-17,80%
5033932 2621 04753517 374137,75%137,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-18,70%
5044998 8281 13957618 677144,75%144,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-19,70%
60001 067 2481 23661720 026151,75%151,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-20,60%
60111 130 3291 34066021 423159,20%159,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-21,70%
60221 194 3981 44870522 866166,70%166,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-22,70%
60331 259 4571 56375124 357174,15%174,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-23,70%
60441 325 5051 68479825 893181,60%181,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-24,70%
70001 392 5421 81284727 477189,10%189,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-25,70%
70111 461 1471 94689729 108197,95%197,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-26,90%
70221 530 0462 08794930 785206,85%206,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-28,10%
70331 599 2392 2351 00232 509215,70%215,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-29,30%
70441 668 7252 3911 05734 280224,55%224,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-30,60%
80001 738 5042 5541 11336 097233,45%233,45%Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality-31,80%

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