State of Survival: Lucky

At the age of 5 she wound up a member of a travelling circus, the ringmaster always called her Lucky. As to her true name, no one knows.


Lucky is one of the most powerful Heroes in the game, available from the beginning. Unfortunately, she can be obtained exclusively via paid VIP crates. You won’t be able to build by exchanging universal Hero Fragments too.

Even though her stats are worse than T2 Hero, she starts to fall off only after T4 Heroes introduction for any PvP-oriented activity.

At the age of 5 she wound up a member of a travelling circus, the ringmaster always called her Lucky. As to her true name, no one knows.

Lucky learned a lot growing up in the circus: being cool under pressure, catlike reflexes, and a contagious laugh.

Lucky’s boisterous laugh cheers up those around her, but some suspect she’s just using it as bait to attract Infected. When it comes to battle, she’s devastatingly accurate. After each engagement, you can watch her carefully recording her kills in a notebook.

Brave as she is, sometimes at night people are woken by the sound of Lucky crying in her dreams…and the scars on her spine look strange in the moonlight.


March Capacity13400
Hunter Attack201.15%
Hunter Defense201.15%
Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-31.80%
Rally Troop Health21.15%
Hunter Health134.20%
Hunter Lethality149.10%


Teddy Terror


Sets down a flame-throwing Teddy with {0} Attack and {1} Health. The Teddy will explode after being destroyed, dealing {2} Damage to targets within range. {3}s Cooldown.

Lucky’s Teddy distracts the enemy, reducing Troop Damage Received by 20%.

Slice ‘n Dice


Has a {0} probability of throwing 3 circular saw blades, with each blade dealing {1} Damage to the target.Lucky’s troops have a 25% chance of taking a second shot dealing 200% Damage.



Provides spiked armor for Teddy, increasing Health by {0} and dealing {1} Damage to any melee attackers.Lucky’s uplifting presence increases Troop Health by 25%.


LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
200018 308191337122,15%22,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-3,50%
201125 166241747525,35%25,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-4,00%
202233 089362571628,55%28,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-4,50%
203342 077513599831,80%31,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-5,00%
204452 13167461 32135,00%35,00%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-5,50%
250063 25086591 68538,20%38,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-6,00%
251186 552108732 09041,85%41,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-6,60%
2522112 851132892 53645,45%45,45%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-7,20%
2533142 1451581063 02349,10%49,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-7,70%
2544174 4371871253 55152,70%52,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-8,30%
3000209 7232181454 12056,30%56,30%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-8,90%
3011239 6852521664 73160,35%60,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-9,50%
3022271 6432891895 38264,35%64,35%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-10,20%
3033305 5973302136 07568,40%68,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-10,80%
3044341 5503732396 80972,40%72,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-11,40%
4000379 5014192667 58476,45%76,45%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-12,10%
4011426 3324692958 39981,25%81,25%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-12,80%
4022475 8805223259 25686,10%86,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-13,60%
4033528 14557835610 15490,90%90,90%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-14,40%
4044583 12763838911 09495,75%95,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-15,10%
5000640 82470242412 074100,60%100,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-15,90%
5011693 38877045913 095106,60%106,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-16,80%
5022747 55184349714 158112,65%112,65%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-17,80%
5033803 31091953515 261118,70%118,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-18,70%
5044860 6681 00057616 406124,70%124,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-19,70%
6000919 6241 08661717 591130,75%130,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-20,60%
6011973 9791 17766018 818137,20%137,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-21,70%
60221 029 1871 27270520 086143,60%143,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-22,70%
60331 085 2461 37375121 395150,05%150,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-23,70%
60441 142 1591 48079822 745156,50%156,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-24,70%
70001 199 9231 59184724 136162,95%162,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-25,70%
70111 259 0381 70989725 568170,60%170,60%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-26,90%
70221 318 4071 83394927 042178,20%178,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-28,10%
70331 378 0291 9631 00228 556185,85%185,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-29,30%
70441 437 9032 1001 05730 112193,50%193,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-30,60%
80001 498 0312 2441 11331 708201,15%201,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense-31,80%

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