State of Survival: Travis

One of Travis Cody’s earliest memories is holding his grandfather’s hunting rifle on the porch of the old house. It went off by accident, blowing the lightbulb to pieces, and the young Travis was hooked.


Travis is stamina saver. Make sure you build him ASAP via Hunting the Hunter event.

One of Travis Cody’s earliest memories is holding his grandfather’s hunting rifle on the porch of the old house. It went off by accident, blowing the lightbulb to pieces, and the young Travis was hooked.

He would accompany his grandfather and father on hunting expeditions from a young age and his hunting skills eventually helped him excel as a combat tracker in the military. He enjoys a friendly rivalry with Jane, often having competitions to see who can hit a Lurcher between the eyes from the furthest distance. He refers to all Infected as “varmint”, which confuses Nikola no end.


March Capacity10700
Rider Attack104.25%
Rider Defense104.25%
Troop Infected Lethality65.20%
Troop Infected March Speed100%
Chief Stamina Consumption-20.00%
Squad Stamina Consumption-20.00%
Rider Health134.20%
Rider Lethality149.10%


Foothold Trap

Places 5 foothold traps at target location. Infected that trigger the traps will not be able to move or attack for 2s, suffering {1} damage every second.Troops led by Travis have a 20% chance to set foothold traps, stunning enemy troops for 1s.

Timber Tumble

6.25% chance of a log trap being triggered, dealing {1} damage, and stunning the target for 2s.Troops led by Travis have a 25% chance of triggering a log trap, dealing 200% damage to enemy troops.

Enhanced Ammo

Enhanced ammo increases target damage by {0} for 2s.Troops led by Travis will have a 30% chance of dealing critical damage while attacking.

LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
2000862583368,35%8,35%Troop Infected Lethality5,20%
20114 01561143110,20%10,20%Troop Infected Lethality6,40%
20228 25491664912,10%12,10%Troop Infected Lethality7,60%
203313 581132290513,95%13,95%Troop Infected Lethality8,70%
204419 99417281 19815,85%15,85%Troop Infected Lethality9,90%
250027 49422361 52817,70%17,70%Troop Infected Lethality11,10%
251140 97128461 89519,80%19,80%Troop Infected Lethality12,40%
252256 60534552 30021,90%21,90%Troop Infected Lethality13,70%
253374 39641652 74124,00%24,00%Troop Infected Lethality15,00%
254494 34249763 22026,05%26,05%Troop Infected Lethality16,30%
3000116 44657883 73728,15%28,15%Troop Infected Lethality17,60%
3011138 527661034 29030,45%30,45%Troop Infected Lethality19,00%
3022162 507751174 88132,75%32,75%Troop Infected Lethality20,50%
3033188 384851315 50935,05%35,05%Troop Infected Lethality21,90%
3044216 158961466 17537,30%37,30%Troop Infected Lethality23,30%
4000245 8301081636 87739,60%39,60%Troop Infected Lethality24,80%
4011276 1671211837 61742,10%42,10%Troop Infected Lethality26,30%
4022308 2631352018 39444,60%44,60%Troop Infected Lethality27,90%
4033342 1181492199 20947,10%47,10%Troop Infected Lethality29,40%
4044377 73416523910 06149,60%49,60%Troop Infected Lethality31,00%
5000415 10918225910 95052,10%52,10%Troop Infected Lethality32,60%
5011449 15820028411 87655,25%55,25%Troop Infected Lethality34,50%
5022484 24321830612 83958,40%58,40%Troop Infected Lethality36,50%
5033520 36323933013 84061,50%61,50%Troop Infected Lethality38,40%
5044557 51825935314 87864,65%64,65%Troop Infected Lethality40,40%
6000595 70828137815 95367,75%67,75%Troop Infected Lethality42,30%
6011630 91830540817 06671,10%71,10%Troop Infected Lethality44,40%
6022666 68032943518 21674,45%74,45%Troop Infected Lethality46,50%
6033702 99435646219 40377,75%77,75%Troop Infected Lethality48,60%
6044739 86038449020 62781,10%81,10%Troop Infected Lethality50,70%
7000777 27841351921 88984,45%84,45%Troop Infected Lethality52,80%
7011815 57144355423 18888,40%88,40%Troop Infected Lethality55,20%
7022854 02947458524 52492,35%92,35%Troop Infected Lethality57,70%
7033892 65050961725 89796,30%96,30%Troop Infected Lethality60,20%
7044931 43554464927 308100,30%100,30%Troop Infected Lethality62,70%
8000970 38558168228 756104,25%104,25%Troop Infected Lethality65,20%

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  1. I may be dumb, but I am trying to find out what lv travis stamina reduction goes from 10% to 20%

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