State of Survival: State Warfare – Event guide (work in progress!)

State Warfare (a.k.a. State vs State or SvS) is the most complex event in the game. It happens every month, as soon as your state gets 6 months old and you have plasma buildings opened. In this guide, I will try to cover both the preparation and combat phases. The guide is intended both for F2P and P2P players.

Version history:
1.1 - 19/10/2020 - 75% done.
1.0 - 12/10/2020 - Guide created.
Placeholder for a video-guide.

SvS consists of 3 main stages – preparation, fight and revival. There’s also a matching one, but the algorithm is not very clear and you can have quite an unexpected opponent. I will explain each stage in details below.

The first and most popular question I’d like to answer right now – does it replace Survival of the Fittest event? Yes, it does! You either have SvS or SOTF during the week.

Disclaimer: SvS is officially in BETA status (yes, it’s being there since it was introduced several months ago), which means the SoS developers might change any part/whole event without any warning and it can work differently between the states. When you notice a mistake, kindly point it out in the comments and I will correct it ASAP. Thanks!

Matching Stage

Some ancient magic special algorithms decide who’s going to be your state opponent. It is not clear how exactly matching works, but assuming how rest of competitive events do (i.e. Reservoir Raid) it is pure random I think it is a sum of the active players’ Battle Power per state, where an active player is someone who logged into the game no more than 7 days ago.

While the majority of the guides (text or video) I’ve seen would suggest to skip the matching stage and just wait for the preparation one, in both of my alliances we start planning early. While strong individual players do contribute during the Capital fight, it is also about the number of active players who can decide in whose favour the event will end up into.

This is what we discuss on Sunday during the matching phase:

  1. Non-attack pact (NAP) in the state is introduced for the whole week. Which means you can’t attack anyone’s settlement. Offenders are zeroed.
  2. List of active players per alliance is decided. It is individual per alliances, but general rule is that top alliances will be moving their less active/powerful players to the reserve alliances.
  3. Resources are checked up and planned ahead of the preparation phase. Governor buffs timings are announced in advance.

It is also a good time to send this guide across your alliances to make sure everyone knows what to do 😉

Once matching is done and the opponent is known, the next phase starts on Monday. But don’t rush, there’s another “secret” part of the plan.

Knowing your opponent is 50% of winning the fight. That “scout” button is for some reason added to the event window – go and scout! What are the main objectives you’d like paying attention to?

  1. Governor of the opponents state. Battle power, HQ lvl, alliance name.
  2. Alliance where governor is location. Explore their hive, check how many active players (i.e. you’re lucky to notice them doing influencer trap).
  3. Check other alliances. Usually, the strongest alliances are located closer to the center of the map.
  4. If you really want to go all in, create a secondary account in this state. Apart from getting a title of the most professional scouter, you can use your noob settlement to block yourself a nice spot during the big fight!

Preparation Stage

Unlike SOTF event, this stage’s objectives are same for everyone and normally don’t vary between new/old states or depend on the stage evolution.

Every day there’s a set of tasks to complete and earn points. Every player of state will contribute to the overall score. After 5 days, the state who got more points will one invading the state who scored less.

While you can find a full breakdown of tasks per day below, there’s one interesting concept to think before you start investing. Depending on your state situation, sometimes it is more beneficial to lose preparation stage intentionally and occupy the best spots around your capital, allowing you to be better prepared during the fight itself.

On other hand, the invading state will have special buff (+15% healing troops speed) and ability to keep the governor buffs – so you really need to think through your plan.

1. Settlement Evolution

Increase Highest Chief Gear Badge Score by 170
Consume 1 Plasma Core2000
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Construction30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Research30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Troop Training/Upgrading30

2. Basic Power Up

Make 1 spin(s) in Ray’s Place8000
Use 1 Elite Hero Fragment(s)350
Use 1 Epic Hero Fragment(s)1220
Use 1 Legendary Hero Fragment(s)3040
Consume 1 Plasma Core2000
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Construction30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Research30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Troop Training/Upgrading30
Gather 1000 Food2
Gather 1000 Wood2
Gather 200 Metal2
Gather 50 Gas2

3. Troops Power Up

Increase Highest Chief Gear Badge Score by 170
Make 1 spin(s) in Ray’s Place8000
Use 1 Elite Hero Fragment(s)350
Use 1 Epic Hero Fragment(s)1220
Use 1 Legendary Hero Fragment(s)3040
Train a Lv. 1 Soldier1
Train a Lv. 2 Soldier2
Train a Lv. 3 Soldier3
Train a Lv. 4 Soldier4
Train a Lv. 5 Soldier5
Train a Lv. 6 Soldier6
Train a Lv. 7 Soldier7
Train a Lv. 8 Soldier8
Train a Lv. 9 Soldier9
Train a Lv. 10 Soldier10
Upgrading troops will gain you the power difference between the troop tiers

4. Hero Power Up

Use 1 Hero Gear Part10
Use 1 Hero Gear Design900
Increase Highest Chief Gear Score by 170
Kill Lv. 1-10 Infected3000
Kill Lv. 11-20 Infected3250
Kill Lv. 21-25 Infected3500
Kill Lv. 26-30 Infected4000
Rally Lv. 1-5 Infected6000

5. Chief Power Up

Increase Highest Chief Gear Score by 136
Consume 1 Plasma Core2000
Use 1 Hero Gear Part10
Use 1 Hero Gear Design900
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Construction30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Research30
Use 1 minute of Speedups on Troop Training/Upgrading30

6. Cross-state Fighting

Occupy Capital/Capital Tower with 100 Troops Power for 60s1
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 1 Enemy Soldier1
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 2 Enemy Soldier1
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 3 Enemy Soldier2
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 4 Enemy Soldier3
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 5 Enemy Soldier4
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 6 Enemy Soldier5
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 7 Enemy Soldier7
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 8 Enemy Soldier9
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 9 Enemy Soldier11
Kill/heavily wound 1 Lv. 10 Enemy Soldier13
You lost 1 Lv. 1 Soldier1
You lost 1 Lv. 2 Soldier1
You lost 1 Lv. 3 Soldier2
You lost 1 Lv. 4 Soldier3
You lost 1 Lv. 5 Soldier4
You lost 1 Lv. 6 Soldier5
You lost 1 Lv. 7 Soldier7
You lost 1 Lv. 8 Soldier9
You lost 1 Lv. 9 Soldier11
You lost 1 Lv. 10 Soldier13
x3 points for killed/heavily wounded troops in Capital/Capital Towers

Warfare Stage


  • If you’re not participating – put on a 24-hours shield. The reason for that is the enemy can invade your state (regardless if you won or lost preparation stage) and raid your alliance hive for resources.
  • If you’re participating and have an alt account in the enemy’s state or you’re defending your state – occupy a spot near the Capital.
  • If you’re participating and don’t have an alt account but invading another state – scout situation around the Capital.

Regardless of the situation, you need to have the main plan and some backup plan when positioning your HQs around the Capital. I will provide our last plan as an example but feel to adjust depending on the situation.

AllySite LogoRLP
RL – Rally Leader, P – Primary, B – Backup

In the ideal situation, you need to occupy a spot around one of the towers, so that you have your ally to occupy another one AND both your alliance and your allies are close enough to the enemy towers.

In our alliance slang, this is called “zoning” and on example image above we have zoned out Eastern tower.

Pannenkoek, S#135, The DNA Alliance Leader

You can always make situation close to ideal by rallying individual settlements and making enough space 😉

Invading/waiting invaders

1 hour before the fight starts (currently, it is 09:00 UTC) you’re allowed to relocate to the enemy state (or enemy can invade yours).

What is important at this stage? All 4 Rally Leader (both Primary and Backup) have to make sure they took the right spots as per positioning plan.

  • 2xRLP (Rally Leader Primary) will be ONLY focusing the Capital. These are 2 strongest players (top#1 and top#2) of your Alliance. Everyone around RLP is next in the Battle Power list, so they join RLP as soon as they launch a rally.
  • 2xRLB (Rally Leader Backup) will be focusing towers – one next to your zone and another one of your enemy (or your allies if they don’t succeed). Once again, these are 2 strongest players (top#3 and top#4) of your Alliance. Remaining players will fill spots around them, where first lines are taken by stronger players, next lines by less strong and so on.

Settlement Buffs

Next thing you do during the invasion phase – applying all the buffs. These are no brainer – go to your Settlement Buffs -> Combat tab and apply everything you can. I’ll highlight the list from top priority (everyone should have) to lower priority (nice to have):

  1. Recon Jammer: must-have, no comments;
  2. March Capacity: must-have, at least 6% for everyone, 12% for the rally leaders;
  3. Troop Attack/Damage: at least 6% until you occupy Capital; 12% for rally leaders during the whole fight;
  4. Troop Defence/Health: at least 6% once you occupied Capital; 12% for rally leaders during the whole fight;
  5. Enemy Attack/Defence: nice to have, the more – the better.

Heroes Choice


Troop Formations


Capital Fight

My biggest advice for the Main Event a.k.a. Capital Fight – get on a VC (voice chat) with your Alliance. Discord is optimal, but there’s plenty of other software to go for a group call.





Revival Stage







Special thanks to

  • Request / SoS FR – for all data in tables provided;
  • My DNA Alliance – for the rest.
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2 years ago

Pretty nice guide. Im going for solo win in prep stage. Saved everything for several month all ready. Really hard to win this as a non payer

Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon
2 years ago

*Typo* Stage 4 is Chief Gear Badge, not Chief Gear

2 years ago

Stage 4 of prep is Chief badge score, not gear.

Ali Bahadır ÇELİK
Ali Bahadır ÇELİK
2 years ago

On the 4th preparation stage the chief gear is given. It should be chief gear badges.

A Hafizi
A Hafizi
2 years ago

Question about Troop Upgrade. “Upgrading troops will gain you the power difference between two tiers”. T10 (P1) – 71 BP, T9 (P1) – 54 BP. Thus the power difference is 17. What is the multiplier?

2 years ago

so when do you update the Revival stage? I heard that every one can get dead troops back up to 90% very easily?How?

Joao Santos
Joao Santos
1 year ago

hi there in the 4 day event its not chief gear, but chief badge gear:)