State of Survival: Heroes Comparison

On this page, you can find Hero Stats / Skills comparison split by Hero Type (Brawlers, Marksmen, Scouts).

Brawlers (Infantry)

March Capacity800010700134001340013400134001340013400
SpecIMetal gathering speed +15%Wood gathering speed +20%Attack vs Infected +105.90%Enemy Settlement Troop ATK -31.80%Settlement Troop HP +63.50%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense -31.80%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense -31.80%Enemy Settlement Troop Defense -31.80%
IIRally Troop Defense +21.15%Settlement Troop Defense +63.50%Rally Troop Lethality +21.15%Settlement Troop Attack +63.50%Settlement Troop Attack +63.50%Rally Troop Defense +21.15%
SkillsIRusty’s troops have a 20% chance of firing an Impact Blast, paralyzing the enemy for 1s.Chef’s troops have a 25% chance of throwing a Grenade dealing 200% Damage.Nikola’s Tesla Tower provides cover for troops, increasing Troop Health by 25%.Ray’s troops have a 20% chance of throwing a firebomb causing 40% Damage per second for 3s.25% chance of using his mutated arm to smash enemy troops, dealing 200% damage.Troops place landmines during the battle, that have a 25% chance of dealing 200% damage to enemy troops.Smash the enemies in every 5 round(s).

Deal extra 225% damage.
Generate shields to absorb damage equivalent to 500% of Ernie’s normal attack.
Make 1 Denting Blow in every 4 attacks.

Deal extra 202.5% damage to the enemy.

Enemy damage dealt in the next round: -20%
IIRusty’s presence galvanizes the troops, increasing Troop Damage by 25%.Chef’s morale-boosting presence increases Troop Damage by 25%.Nikola’s Tesla Tower has a 25% chance of discharging excess electricity, dealing 200% Damage.Rolex scouts the battlefield, giving troops a 30% chance of Critical Damage.50% chance of spraying corrosive acid at enemy troops. It weakens their defence, increasing damage received by 50%.Troops have a 30% chance of throwing a double grenade, dealing critical damage to enemy troops.Damage taken from enemy Hunters -18%.30% chance to evade damage.
IIIRusty’s presence inspires the troops, reducing Troop Damage Received by Rusty’s presence inspires the troops, reducing Troop Damage Received by 20%.Chef rustles up snacks for the troops, recovering 15% Health every 12s.Nikola’s Tesla Tower has a 20% chance of stunning the enemy for 1s.Ray’s troops benefit from his special ammo stash, giving a 20%chance of stunning the enemy for 1s.Secretes a fluid that increases Troop Health by 25%.Enhanced landmines reduce enemy troop attack by 20% after the landmine has been triggered.20% chances to recover your troops power equivalent to 300% of Ernie’s normal attack in a round.

20% chances to recover allies’ troops power equivalent to 300% of Ernie’s normal attack in a round.
Ally damage taken: -9%
Ally damage: +8%

Marksman (Hunters)

March Capacity107001070010700107001340013400134001340013400
SpecITroop Infected Defense
Food gathering speed +20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health -19.50%Troop Infected Defense
Enemy Settlement Troop Defense
Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality
Settlement Troop Defense +63.50%Settlement Troop Defense +63.50%Settlement Troop Health +31.80%
IIRally Troop Health +21.15%Rally Troop Attack +21.15%Rally Troop Defense +21.15%Rally Troop Defense +21.15%Rally Troop Attack +63.50%
SkillsISarge’s gun turret increases troop damage by 25%Mike’s troops have a 20% chance of throwing a Flash Grenade, stunning the enemy for 1s.Battlefield traps increase Troop Damage by 25%.Troops have a 25% chance of spraying bullets, dealing 200% damage to the enemy.Lucky’s Teddy distracts the enemy, reducing Troop Damage Received by 20%.Troops led by Jeb will have a 30% chance of firing armor-piercing bullets, dealing critical damage to the enemy.Troops set up a crossbow tower, increasing troop attack by 25%.20% chances to apply Bio Whip to deal extra damage.

Deal extra 80% damage to target. All damage taken by target in next round +10%.
Every 5 attacks will arrange a thorn trap, causing additional 150% damage to the target, with additional 100% damage in the following attack.

IISarge’s military experience gives troops a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.Mike’s troops have a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.Eva’s troops have a 25% chance of throwing Web Grenades, dealing 200% Damage.Troops have a 40% chance of throwing a Shock Grenade, reducing damage received by 50% for 2 seconds.Lucky’s troops have a 25% chance of taking a second shot dealing 200% Damage.Drone increases Troops Damage by 25%.Troops have a 30% chance of firing a flaming arrow, dealing critical damage to enemy troops.Normal attack damage of your troop +10%.Inspired by wolves, common attack damage caused by troops +40%.
IIISarge’s presence motivates the troops, increasing troop HP by 25%.Troops led by Mike will have a 40% chance of reducing Troop Damage received by 50%.Eva enhances her traps, increasing Trap Effect by 120%.Troops have a 50% chance of raging, increasing damage dealt by 50%.Lucky’s uplifting presence increases Troop Health by 25%.Modified Drone scouts ahead, reducing troop damage received by 20%.Troops have 25% chance of dealing 200% damage to enemy troops.All damage taken by enemy Hunters +9%.
All damage taken by other enemy troops +6%.
Tyler stimulates his feral instincts when fighting, and the damage of his troops to riders +20%, the damage to the infantry +20%.

Scout (Riders)

Sub-typeStamina ConsumptionRallyPatrolRallyPatrolPatrol
March Capacity8000107001070010700107001340013400134001340013400
SpecIGas gathering speed +15%Troop Infected Lethality +65.20%

Troop Infected March Speed
Troop Infected Health +65.20%Troop Infected Health +65.20%Troop Infected Defense +65.20%Settlement Troop Attack +63.50%Enemy Settlement Troop Attack
Enemy Settlement Troop Health
Enemy Settlement Troop Attack
Enemy Settlement Troop Attack
IIChief/Squad Stamina Consumption
Rally Troop Attack +21.15%Settlement Troop Lethality
Rally Troop Health +21.15%Settlement Troop Lethality
Settlement Troop Lethality
SkillsIGhost’s paint drums provide shelter for troops, increasing Health by 25%.Troops led by Travis have a 20% chance to set foothold traps, stunning enemy troops for 1s.Jane’s troops have a 20% chance of setting up a Wire Fence to bind enemy for 1s.Troops led by Basel will have 20%chance(s) to use Concussion Grenade to stun enemy for 1second.Troops led by Candy will have a 25% chance to shoot a Grenade to deal 200% damageMaddie’s troops have a 20% chance of throwing a Pipe Bomb to distract the enemy, reducing Enemy Troop Damage by 50% for 2s.Trish provides expert medical treatment, increasing Troop Health by 25%.Troops throw smoke bombs, reducing enemy damage by 20%.Release mechanic drone in every 6 round(s). Mechanic drone will explode in 1 round.

Deal extra 80% damage to all enemies.
All enemy damage in the round -12%.
When Julie attacks, there is a 20.00% probability to summon her reinforcements, causing additional 100.00% damage to all enemy forces, and restoring health equivalent to normal attacks 100.00% for all our troops.
IIGhost’s spray paint blinds the enemy, reducing Enemy Troop Damage by 20%.Troops led by Travis have a 25% chance of triggering a log trap, dealing 200% damage to enemy troops.Has a 20% chance of encouraging troops and increasing Damage by 40% for 3s.Fahad will inspire troops and increase their damage by 25%.Troops led by Candy will be enhanced, increasing damage dealt by 25%Frank’s aggressive presence helps increase Troop Damage by 25%.Troops led by Trish will have a 25% chance of throwing a liquid nitrogen container to freeze the target, dealing 200% damage.Miho’s lute playing boosts troop morale, increasing health by 25%.All damage taken by your troops -10%.All troops cause damage to the target they attack +20%.
IIIGhost’s paint makes the enemy more visible, giving a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.Troops led by Travis will have a 30%chance of dealing critical damage while attacking.Jane’s troops have 20%chance to throw a Lasso to bind enemy for 1s.Fortified troops defence and reduce damage taken by 25%.Troops led by Candy will weaken the enemy and reduce their damage by 20%Maddie’s troops benefit from her special ammo stash, giving a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.20% chance of firing tranquillizers to paralyze enemy troops for 1s.Troops have a 40% chance of throwing a treated blade, increasing damage dealt to enemy troops by 50%.Skill damage of your troops +10%.

Skill damage of enemy troops -9%.
Damage your own infantry unit -30%, damage caused by your own hunters +30%.
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11 months ago

Which heroes are better for settlement defense? Brawler Ash vs Brooke and Hunters Zoe vs Tyler. I can’t buy all

Isaac Z Schlueter
10 months ago
Reply to  Eli

Ash is better than Brooke for settlement defense, but Brooke is better offensively (and still pretty good defensively, since she buffs Infantry attack/defense by 391% instead of 300%).

Tyler is better than Zoe at pretty much everything.

If you have to pick one set, I’d go with the tier V heroes (Brooke/Tyler/Julie) instead of tier III (Ash/Zoe/Miho).

9 months ago

This is great information. Thank you!

9 months ago

I wish you had this as a spreadsheet or something easy to download/print.

9 months ago

hi there,

newbie here, just wanted to know if you have to upgrade all heroes skill? ex ghost skill (paint block, do or dye, highlights) or do i have to choose just one to upgrade?

and also i have bunch of heroes now do i have to upgrade their skills too? or just focus on the 3 main heroes? ive been searching about heroes skills guide but none of it give me answer. i hope you could help me with this. thank you.