Warpath: Units

On this page, you will find all the Units with their stats and brief history.


Warpath has many different types of units. To make your life easier, here’s a brief summary:

InfantryThe ability to Activate Bunkers makes Infantry the preferred choice when trying to avoid damage from enemies.
Light TankLight Tanks offer superior mobility, allowing them to move freely in combat and engage in guerilla warfare.
Medium TankMedium Tanks are chosen in a wide variety of battles for their well-rounded performance.
Heavy TankHeavy Tanks are fitted with thick armor, boasting an obvious advantage over Medium and Light Tanks.
Super Heavy TankSuper-Heavy Tanks have the thickest armor of them all. They are lacking in mobility, but ideal for storming fortified positions.
Tank HunterTank Hunters use their superior mobility and penetration to pose a huge threat to Heavy Tanks.
Anti-Tank GunAnti-Tank Guns flaunt impressive penetration which is invaluable when defending against Super-Heavy Tanks.
HowitzerHowitzers, well-known for their damage radius and siege capabilities, are ideal for destroying fortifications and Infantry. A well-guarded Howitzer equips you with frightening firepower.
Rocket LauncherRocket Launchers are famous for their damage radius and siege capabilities, enabling them to wipe out fortifications and Infantry. They provide a strong defense and outstanding mobility, making them an asset in long-range attacks, such as targeting an enemy base.

Counter matrix

Each unit is effective only against a certain type of other unit(s). Make sure you adjust your troop’s formation depending on the situation.

Light TankArtillery
Tank Hunter
Medium TankLight Tank
Tank Hunter
Heavy TankMedium Tank
Super Heavy TankHeavy Tank
Tank HunterHeavy Tank
Anti-Tank GunSuper Heavy Tank
Rocket LauncherInfantry

Game mechanics

Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Super-Heavy Tanks and Tank Hunters have Armor attributes. When attacking these units, penetration is taken into account:

  • When the attacker’s Armor Pen is less than or equal to the target Armor Depth, penetration does not occur and only 50% Dmg is dealt.
  • When the target Armor Depth is less than the attacker’s Armor Pen and the attacker’s Armor Pen is less than 1.5 times the target Armor Depth, penetration occurs, inflicting 150% Dmg.
  • When the attacker’s Armor Pen is more than or equal to 1.5 times the target Armor Depth, impeded penetration occurs and only 50% Dmg is dealt.

The Armor Pen displayed for the attacker is an average value, but in actual combat, there is some variation. The chance of penetration is optimal when Armor Pen is 1-1.5 times the target Armor Depth.

When attacking Infantry, Howitzers, Anti-Tank Guns or Rocket Launchers, penetration isn’t taken into account; however, Infantry can Activate Bunkers to greatly reduce damage received.

Unit Upgrade Requirements



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