State of Survival: Ghost

Whether tagging walls or taking the heads off Infected, Ghost is an artist at heart. His pursuit of beauty will never stop.


Ghost is one of the first 3 Heroes you will obtain at the beginning of the game. Due to his skills, you can easily complete Explorer Trail missions and gather Gas quicker in the Wilderness. Unfortunately, he’s too weak for anything else.

Whether tagging walls or taking the heads off Infected, Ghost is an artist at heart. His pursuit of beauty will never stop.

Ghost’s marksmanship is superb, but he has a unique approach to battle. He makes sure that Infected who die by his hand are killed gracefully. He’ll even go so far as to sometimes position their bodies in artistic poses.

When defeat feels near, he has a habit of appearing out of nowhere, that’s how he got his name. While Maddie admires Ghost’s killing style, Rusty predictably doesn’t think much of it. But everyone knows that Rusty really needs Ghost: he’s the only one who appreciates Rusty’s singing.


March Capacity8000
Rider Attack97.75%
Rider Defense97.75%
Gas Gathering Speed15%
Rider Health134.20%
Rider Lethality149.10%


Paint Block

Sets up drums of paint with 16804.36 HP. When the drums are destroyed, paint will spill onto the ground and remain for 6 seconds. Targets within range have Mobility reduced by 42%. Paint is flammable. 5s Cooldown.Ghost’s paint drums provide shelter for troops, increasing Health by 25%.

Do or Dye

Has a 8.33% probability of throwing and exploding a Spray Paint Can. Targets in range have Mobility reduced by 56% for 2.5s and can subsequently be set on fire, receiving 176.84 Damage per second.Ghost’s spray paint blinds the enemy, reducing Enemy Troop Damage by 20%.


Targets with paint on become even more visible, increasing Damage received by 42%.

Ghost’s paint makes the enemy more visible, giving a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.

LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
2000646462527,80%7,80%Gas Gathering Speed1,20%
20113 011573239,60%9,60%Gas Gathering Speed1,50%
20226 19171248711,35%11,35%Gas Gathering Speed1,70%
203310 185101667913,10%13,10%Gas Gathering Speed2,00%
204414 995132189814,85%14,85%Gas Gathering Speed2,30%
250020 62017281 14616,60%16,60%Gas Gathering Speed2,60%
251130 72821331 42118,55%18,55%Gas Gathering Speed2,90%
252242 45426421 72520,50%20,50%Gas Gathering Speed3,20%
253355 79731492 05622,50%22,50%Gas Gathering Speed3,50%
254470 75737572 41524,45%24,45%Gas Gathering Speed3,80%
300087 33443672 80326,40%26,40%Gas Gathering Speed4,10%
3011103 89549763 21828,55%28,55%Gas Gathering Speed4,40%
3022121 88056883 66130,70%30,70%Gas Gathering Speed4,70%
3033141 28864984 13232,85%32,85%Gas Gathering Speed5,00%
3044162 118721094 63135,00%35,00%Gas Gathering Speed5,40%
4000184 373821235 15837,15%37,15%Gas Gathering Speed5,70%
4011207 125911355 71339,50%39,50%Gas Gathering Speed6,10%
4022231 1971011516 29641,85%41,85%Gas Gathering Speed6,40%
4033256 5891121646 90744,15%44,15%Gas Gathering Speed6,80%
4044283 3001241787 54546,50%46,50%Gas Gathering Speed7,10%
5000311 3311361968 21248,85%48,85%Gas Gathering Speed7,50%
5011336 8691492118 90751,80%51,80%Gas Gathering Speed8,00%
5022363 1821642319 62954,75%54,75%Gas Gathering Speed8,40%
5033390 27217824710 38057,65%57,65%Gas Gathering Speed8,90%
5044418 13819426411 15960,60%60,60%Gas Gathering Speed9,30%
6000446 78121128611 96563,50%63,50%Gas Gathering Speed9,80%
6011473 18822930412 79966,65%66,65%Gas Gathering Speed10,20%
6022500 01024732713 66269,80%69,80%Gas Gathering Speed10,70%
6033527 24526834614 55272,90%72,90%Gas Gathering Speed11,20%
6044554 89528736615 47076,05%76,05%Gas Gathering Speed11,70%
7000582 95830939216 41679,15%79,15%Gas Gathering Speed12,20%
7011611 67833341317 39182,85%82,85%Gas Gathering Speed12,70%
7022640 52235644018 39386,60%86,60%Gas Gathering Speed13,30%
7033669 48838146219 42390,30%90,30%Gas Gathering Speed13,90%
7044698 57640948520 48194,00%94,00%Gas Gathering Speed14,40%
8000727 78843751521 56797,75%97,75%Gas Gathering Speed15,00%

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