State of Survival: Maddie & Frank

The crossbow Maddie carries is not a toy, she’ll bust your head with it in an instant. On the other hand, Frank’s favourite toys are Infected heads: great for playing fetch. So don’t be deceived by their innocent appearance!


One of the best Heroes in-game, Maddie & Frank is available from the very first hours of your journey! While being one of the rare Legendary Heroes with strong stats and skills, she’s completely F2P and can be maxed out by playing long enough. Outperformed by Tier 3 and above Heroes.

The crossbow Maddie carries is not a toy, she’ll bust your head with it in an instant. On the other hand, Frank’s favourite toys are Infected heads: great for playing fetch. So don’t be deceived by their innocent appearance!

Maddie’s been working hard on her shooting skills. Under the watchful eyes of Sarge, Becca, Ghost, and even Willy, she’s becoming a regular sharpshooter! However, only Frank knows about her hidden feelings for the local artist.


March Capacity13400
Rider Attack211.75%
Rider Defense211.75%
Settlement Troop Attack63.50%
Rally Troop Attack21.15%
Rider Health134.20%
Rider Lethality149.10%

Pipe BombThrows a Pipe Bomb at a selected location. The sound attracts Infected for 5s, before exploding, dealing {1} damage to all Infected within range.Maddie’s troops have a 20% chance of throwing a Pipe Bomb to distract the enemy, reducing Enemy Troop Damage by 50% for 2s.
Girl’s Best FriendFrank enters the fight with {0} Attack and {1} Health. Automatically retreats when Health runs low, but returns to the fray when it recovers.Frank’s aggressive presence helps increase Troop Damage by 25%.
Bio DartA specially treated arrow. Increases target Damage received by {1} for 2s.Maddie’s troops benefit from her special ammo stash, giving a 30% chance of dealing Critical Damage.

LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
200019 27281354623,30%23,30%Settlement Troop Attack7,00%
201126 491101770126,70%26,70%Settlement Troop Attack8,00%
202234 83115251 05530,05%30,05%Settlement Troop Attack9,00%
203344 29221351 47033,45%33,45%Settlement Troop Attack10,00%
204454 87528461 94636,85%36,85%Settlement Troop Attack11,10%
250066 57936592 48240,25%40,25%Settlement Troop Attack12,10%
251191 10845733 07944,05%44,05%Settlement Troop Attack13,20%
2522118 79155893 73747,85%47,85%Settlement Troop Attack14,40%
2533149 627661064 45551,65%51,65%Settlement Troop Attack15,50%
2544183 618791255 23355,50%55,50%Settlement Troop Attack16,60%
3000220 762921456 07259,30%59,30%Settlement Troop Attack17,80%
3011252 3001061666 97263,50%63,50%Settlement Troop Attack19,10%
3022285 9401221897 93267,75%67,75%Settlement Troop Attack20,30%
3033321 6821392138 95372,00%72,00%Settlement Troop Attack21,60%
3044359 52715723910 03476,25%76,25%Settlement Troop Attack22,90%
4000399 47517626611 17680,45%80,45%Settlement Troop Attack24,10%
4011448 77119729512 37885,55%85,55%Settlement Troop Attack25,70%
4022500 92722032513 64190,60%90,60%Settlement Troop Attack27,20%
4033555 94324335614 96495,70%95,70%Settlement Troop Attack28,70%
4044613 81826938916 349100,80%100,80%Settlement Troop Attack30,20%
5000674 55229642417 793105,85%105,85%Settlement Troop Attack31,80%
5011729 88332445919 298112,20%112,20%Settlement Troop Attack33,70%
5022786 89635549720 864118,55%118,55%Settlement Troop Attack35,60%
5033845 59038753522 490124,95%124,95%Settlement Troop Attack37,50%
5044905 96742157624 177131,30%131,30%Settlement Troop Attack39,40%
6000968 02645761725 924137,65%137,65%Settlement Troop Attack41,30%
60111 025 24249566027 732144,40%144,40%Settlement Troop Attack43,30%
60221 083 35553670529 600151,20%151,20%Settlement Troop Attack45,40%
60331 142 36557875131 529157,95%157,95%Settlement Troop Attack47,40%
60441 202 27362379833 519164,75%164,75%Settlement Troop Attack49,40%
70001 263 07767084735 569171,50%171,50%Settlement Troop Attack51,50%
70111 325 30472089737 680179,55%179,55%Settlement Troop Attack53,90%
70221 387 79777294939 851187,60%187,60%Settlement Troop Attack56,30%
70331 450 5578271 00242 083195,65%195,65%Settlement Troop Attack58,70%
70441 513 5838841 05744 375203,70%203,70%Settlement Troop Attack61,10%
80001 576 8759451 11346 728211,75%211,75%Settlement Troop Attack63,50%

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