State of Survival: Miho

Whenever Miho Tanaka wasn’t working in her uncle’s restaurant, she was busy training. Guns, knives, any weapon she could get her hands on. Her father had been murdered in a gangland execution back in Japan, and Miho had sworn an oath of vengeance.


Miho is one of the best PvP heroes in-game due to her strong Enemy Settlement’s Health debuff.

Whenever Miho Tanaka wasn’t working in her uncle’s restaurant, she was busy training. Guns, knives, any weapon she could get her hands on. Her father had been murdered in a gangland execution back in Japan, and Miho had sworn an oath of vengeance.

Then the outbreak happened. She knows now she’ll never get a chance to avenge her father’s death, and the idea the killers are likely dead from the infection provides little solace. Instead, she takes out her frustration on the Infected.

She doesn’t say much, preferring to let her weapons do the talking, and has developed an unlikely friendship with Rusty, who holds her in very high esteem. Her intricate lute playing can sometimes be heard drifting across the Settlement around sunset.


March Capacity13400
Rider Attack315.05%
Rider Defense315.05%
Enemy Settlement Troop Health-31.80%
Rally Troop Health21.15%
Rider Health134.20%
Rider Lethality149.10%


Smoke Bomb


Throws a smoke bomb at specified area, generating smoke and disabling all Infected within range for {1} seconds.Troops throw smoke bombs, reducing enemy damage by 20%.

Music Morale


Chance of Miho playing her lute, encouraging the Squad, and increasing attack rate of entire Squad by {0} for 5 seconds.Miho’s lute playing boosts troop morale, increasing health by 25%.

Deadly Blades


Chance to throw three specially-treated blades, increasing target damage received by {0} for 6 seconds.Troops have a 40% chance of throwing a treated blade, increasing damage dealt to enemy troops by 50%.

LevelRankSub-rankPowerExp. AttackExp. DefenceExp. HealthMil. AttackMil. DefenceSpecialization IValueSpecialization IIValue
200028 22691360934,65%34,65%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-3,50%
201138 799111778239,70%39,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-4,00%
202251 01317251 17844,75%44,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-4,50%
203364 87024351 64149,80%49,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-5,00%
204480 36932462 17254,80%54,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-5,50%
250097 51241592 77159,85%59,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-6,00%
2511133 43751733 43765,55%65,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-6,60%
2522173 98262894 17171,20%71,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-7,20%
2533219 146741064 97276,85%76,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-7,70%
2544268 929881255 84182,55%82,55%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-8,30%
3000323 3301031456 77888,20%88,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-8,90%
3011369 5211191667 78294,50%94,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-9,50%
3022418 7901361898 853100,80%100,80%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-10,20%
3033471 1401552139 993107,10%107,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-10,80%
3044526 56717523911 199113,40%113,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-11,40%
4000585 07619726612 474119,70%119,70%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-12,10%
4011657 27522029513 816127,30%127,30%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-12,80%
4022733 66524532515 225134,85%134,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-13,60%
4033814 24027235616 703142,40%142,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-14,40%
4044899 00530038918 247149,95%149,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-15,10%
5000987 95733042419 860157,50%157,50%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-15,90%
50111 068 99436245921 540166,95%166,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-16,80%
50221 152 49739649723 287176,40%176,40%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-17,80%
50331 238 46243253525 102185,85%185,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-18,70%
50441 326 89147057626 985195,30%195,30%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-19,70%
60001 417 78351061728 935204,75%204,75%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-20,60%
60111 501 58255366030 953214,85%214,85%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-21,70%
60221 586 69559870533 039224,95%224,95%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-22,70%
60331 673 12264575135 192235,00%235,00%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-23,70%
60441 760 86369579837 412245,10%245,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-24,70%
70001 849 91874884739 700255,20%255,20%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-25,70%
70111 941 05780389742 056267,15%267,15%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-26,90%
70222 032 58486294944 480279,10%279,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-28,10%
70332 124 5049231 00246 971291,10%291,10%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-29,30%
70442 216 8129871 05749 529303,05%303,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-30,60%
80002 309 5111 0551 11352 155315,05%315,05%Enemy Settlement Troop Health-31,80%

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